MSC Cruises Marks Inaugural Visit to NYC

May 7th, 2009

Yesterday I attended the festivities onboard the MSC Orchestra in NYC. This was considered a historic event for MSC Cruises. Not only was this the maiden call of the MSC Orchestra, but also MSC Cruises.


Our day started off with a media press conference with Captain Mario Stiffa and MSC Cruises Senior Management, which included Rick Sasso. I then toured the ship, was served a 5 course “Gala Lunch,” and viewed a Gala Show.


I have to say the MSC Orchestra is beautiful. She is also a very clean and sparkling. The décor was very pleasing throughout the ship. There were no assaults on your senses. The staff onboard was very upbeat, positive and helpful. The service in the dining room was very attentive. – they were not only serving us, but the ship was filled with paying guests, thus the crew had to pull extra duty. – You never knew it.


The food, which I have read so much bad press about was just as good if not better than most food served on popular and premium cruise lines. – The Fresh Tri-Colors Ravioli was fantastic!


I can tell you that Rick Sasso, President & CEO of MSC Cruises was very happy and excited about the direction of the cruise line. He also plans to have cruise ships in the Northeast sailing year round. He also pointed out that MSC Cruises is a privately owned company so they do not have to answer to share holders and make unnecessary cuts.


Rick stated that MSC Cruises is a household name in Europe and he plans on it being a household name in the USA. He also reminded the audience that MSC Cruises only had 3 ships sailing in 2003 and in 2010 will have just one of the original ships and 10 newer vessels. They have become the fastest growing cruise line in the world!


I have seen and listen to a number of cruise line CEO’s throughout the years speaking about their products. I have yet to see anyone as excited, positive and as genuinely as happy as Rick Sasso. I left with a very positive impression. I think MSC Cruises will be a very successful cruise line.